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Hire an Hospital Grade breastpump, 8 reasons why

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Hire an Hospital Grade breastpump, 8 reasons why

Hire an Hospital grade breastpump


If you have a little one in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) or in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), or if you are planning on exclusively pumping it has probably been suggested that you need a hospital-grade breast pump.


The Carum may be perfect for you and we're going to tell you why!


1. We Have Hospital Credentials 

Ardo is an approved supplier to all of the hospitals around the country. 

2. Ardo Helps To Establish and Maintain Your Milk Supply

Hiring a hospital grade breastpump is the most effective machine to use if you require efficient pumping.

If you have a low milk supply, a premature baby, a baby that is unable to breastfeed, or if you have twins and need to produce double quantities then hiring the Ardo Carum with two pistons can be a huge help! 

If you are planning on exclusively pumping or are trying to induce lactation- then this is the perfect pump for you. 

3. Ardo is Used by Health Care Professionals Around The World 

Not only is Ardo used in New Zealand but also in over 45 countries worldwide. In the UK, Ardo is used in NHS hospitals and it a preferred supplier. A little closer to home, in Australia Ardo is endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. 

4. Ardo is in Compliance With The WHO Code & Strongly Promotes Breastfeeding

The World Health Organisation Code on the marketing of mother's milk substitutes protects and supports breastfeeding. The Code determines how mother's milk substitutes may be marketed without endangering the practice of breastfeeding. The International Code makes reference to each product which is marketed as a partial or total replacement for mother’s milk, including feeding bottles and teats. Ardo is completely committed to observing absolutely each and every WHO Code.

5. The Carum is Safe, Sealed & Secured

The ‘Vacuum Seal’ technology in all Ardo Pumpsets provide a 100% barrier between the milk and the pump. (This is the part under the green cap).


This protects against bacteria and ensures that no breastmilk or impurities can enter the connecting tube or pump and provides reliable protection against contamination of the breastmilk.


The pump is cleaned in between mothers and each time the pump is loaned out- a new pump set needs to be purchased.

6. The Carum is BPA Free

All Ardo breastfeeding products are manufactured in Switzerland and are made from materials that are free from Bisphenol A.

7. The Carum is Easy to Use 

The Carum has stimulation and expression mode. You are able to move between modes at the push of a button. The vacuum strength and the cycles speed can be altered in both modes to get the levels right for you and mimic your baby. This means you can make your breast pumping efficient and effective.


8. The Carum Has a Sensitive Mode

Are your nipples sore or damaged? Or perhaps you have Raynaud's of the nipple. The Carum can be put into a sensitive mode so that it doesn't hurt when you express. The vacuum strength starts off really low and so does the cycles speed, it can then be increased incrementally to get the levels most comfortable for you.


If this sounds as good to you and it does to us then head across to hire your Carum today! If you have any questions about hiring a Carum, contact us here.